Hampton Roads Housing Consortium
Hampton Roads Housing Consortium

Fair Housing Information

Fair Housing is a term that refers to ensuring that all people have an equal opportunity to access the housing of their choice. Everyone wants decent, safe and sanitary housing. Fair housing means that people can choose to live wherever they can afford to live and that a variety of housing choices are available in all communities. It means that housing choices are not restricted by decisions based on characteristics that have nothing to do with housing.

Discrimination in housing and housing-related services is prohibited by both the federal Fair Housing Act and the Virginia Fair Housing Law when it is based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, handicap, and in the Commonwealth of Virginia, also elderliness (55 years of age or over). The following organizations and agencies may offer fair housing training, information on how to file a complaint and educational classes.

National and State Fair Housing Information

HUD-Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity in Housing Office


Virginia Fair Housing Office-Department of Professional & Occupational Regulations

Toll Free:1-888-551-3247



Regional Fair Housing Offices

  • James City County
    James City County Housing & Community Development 757-220-1272
    Contact Person:
    Barbara Coughlan

  • Hampton
    City of Hampton-Neighborhood Office 757-727-6460
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-828-1140
    Contact Person:
    Karla Triggle

  • Newport News/Hampton
    Office of Human Affairs
    Fair Housing Division
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-828-1140
  • Portsmouth
    City of Portsmouth – Planning Dept. 757-393-8836
    Contact Person:
    Jeffrey Crimer
    email: crimerj@portsmouthva.gov
  • Poquoson
    Poquoson-Office of the City Manager 757-868-3000
    TTY/TDD: 757-868-3501
    Contact Person:
    Judy Wiggins
  • Suffolk
    City of Suffolk-Management Services 757-514-4174
    Contact Person:
    John Brooks
    email: jfbrooks@suffolkva.us
  • Virginia Beach
    VA Beach Dept of Housing & Neighborhood Preservation 757-385-5754
    TTY/TDD: 757-385-5794
    Contact Person: Sylvia Hill email: shill@vbgov.com
  • Williamsburg
    Williamsburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority 757-220-3477
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-828-1140
  • York County
    York County Housing Office 757-890-3885
    TTY/TDD: 757-890-3300
    Contact Person:
    Mary Sodergren

Regional (Non-Jurisdictional)

  • Hampton Roads Community Housing Resource Board
    Hampton Roads Community Housing Resource Board 757-385-5754


  • Endependence Center
    Endependence Center 757-461-8007
    TTY/TDD: 757-461-7527
    Contact Person:
    Vantoria Clay








Hampton Roads Housing Consortium (HRHC) members and their partners serve as referring agencies linking individuals and/or organizations to housing-related Federal, State, and Regional resources.